How much does it cost to refill at one of your Chill Stations?

Chill refills cost $1 (500ml), this being a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Do we have to use Chill bottles or can we use any bottle?

The Chill Station is designed to be suitable for any bottle. In fact, we encourage our customers to use bottles that they already own.
But if you don’t have bottle, it would definitely be worth investing in a Chill Bottle!

How do I find Chill’s water Refill Stations?

Our refill station locations can be found on our Chill H2O app or our website chill.net.au towards the end of each page.

What differentiates Chill’s water from normal tap water?

Chill’s water system has been thoughtfully designed and engineered to produce the best tasting water at a perfectly chilled temperature. Our 5 stage purification process utilises both a positive and negative fluid reactor, along with multiple filters which include a harsh water filter, a hollow fibre filter and a carbon filter.
More information regarding our purification process can be found

How do I use a Chill machine?

Our Chill machines have been designed so your experience is quick and easy. To use our Chill machine, you must download the Chill H2O app. Once you’ve downloaded our free app, follow the instructions to signup and you will get $5 free credit to begin your Chill experience.
Once you arrive at one of our many stations, open the home tab of the app so you can see your unique QR code. Hold the QR code up to the scanner on the machine about 15-30cm away. The screen on the machine will then present you with the option to for 500ml or manual, to fill up any bottle of your choice.

How do I get a CHILL Refill Station at my business?

On the Partner With Us tab, you can find out more about the benefits of hosting a refill station and enquire with a member of our sales team. Or feel free to email sales@chill.net.au

How does Chill protect the environment?

Single-use plastic bottles are made of a strong plastic compound that takes centuries to break down and always out lives the user. Therefore, they often end up in our waterways and oceans, adding to pollution and the destruction of beaches and marine life.
Chill provides an alternative to bottled water. Our stations generate the same high quality water without the plastic wastage. We’re attempting to change the way Australians drink water, but this can only be done with your help!

Does Chill use Reverse Osmosis?

No, but for good reason, the reverse osmosis process wastes a significant amount of water, taking up to 3 liters of water to produce 1 liter of treated water is not viable in the drought prone Australian continent.

Is Chill an Australian company?

Chill is an Australian company, founded originally on the North Shore of Sydney by a group of Australians trying to make a difference for our environment.

Are the Chill stations made in Australia?

Yes, the Refill Stations are designed and assembled in Australia, certain parts come offshore but the majority of the work is done by our specialist team in Sydney.

Can I have a Chill Refill Station at my home?

That would be the dream. Unfortunately, not. Chill machines are placed in public shops where everyone can take advantage of refilling rather than buying plastic bottles.