What should our Hosts expect?

Environmental Responsibility

Partnering with Chill is a great opportunity to showcase your environmental ambition to improve your community’s actions to reduce pollution and create a cleaner, greener future. We further prompt businesses to fulfil the environmental sustainability sector of their Corporate Social Responsibility to go above and beyond for their community, simultaneously improving their business’s overall image to the public.

Small Footprint

Our refill stations take up minimal floorspace, and only require power and water.

Additional Foot traffic

Chill aspires to have 2020 Refill Stations by 2020, changing the way Australians drink water. With 4000 customers also forecast by 2020, your exposure to this community will increase foot traffic into your business which has the potential for additional sales of your existing products and services.

No Maintenance

Our maintenance program ensures the hassle free operation of the refill stations. All refill stations are equipped with 4G connectivity providing reliable internet, which allows us to monitor the status 24/7 via the sensors installed throughout the refill station.

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