How to use Chill Refill Stations

Chill Refill Stations have been engineered with a focus on usability. All you need is your bottle and your app!

Remember B.Y.O.B! Bring Your Own Bottle

Simply scan your QR code across the reader, select your refill size, place your bottle under the spout and tap start.

Check out the demonstration below:

The App

Download the FREE Chill H2O App to operate the Chill Refill Stations

Available on both iOS and Android devices.

And once you download our Chill H2O app youll be given $5 credit to use and give our Chill water a trial before topping up.



Once you create your account, youll be given your own personal QR code to use for all refills.

Find your nearest Refill Station through our app.

Our app keeps track of the water youve purchased and the plastic youve saved.

Our Chill app allows you to top up your account

A frequent question we receive is

Can I purchase Chill water with card or cash?

Unfortunately, not, but with good reason:

1. Payment through the app ensures there are no extra costs.
2. No need to carry around loose change!
3. The QR code speeds up the process of refilling, similar to a tap and go system