The Problem

Australia’s current use of plastic water bottles is damaging our earth in many ways. On average Australians drink 30L of bottled water per year, approximately 60 bottles, that means as a nation we throw away close to 1.4 BILLION plastic bottles each year. That’s a lot of plastic.

Once thrown away, these plastic bottles sit in our landfill, leeching chemicals into our ecosystem and damaging our waterways.

Did you know it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose, that means every plastic bottle you have touched still exists!

Join the community and make a difference today!

The Solution

Our user friendly Refill Stations provide an alternative to bottled water, without sacrificing the taste and cleanliness of bottled water. Our water goes through a 5 stage purification process and is chilled to an optimal drinking temperature.

Chill aims to provide a Refill Station in every village, town, city across Australia, removing the dependancy on single-use plastic and empowering communities to make a conscious decision to stop the nations plastic addiction.

With your help our Refill Stations will change the way Australians drink and purchase high quality water.



In comparison to the conventional old-school bubbler, our stations are considerably more hygienic with our recessed spout, and sanitisation program.

Continuous supply

Chill’s stations are plumbed to the host’s water source, meaning there is an endless supply of water, but more importantly, this prevents water from becoming stagnant in the purification process, reducing the chance of possible bacterial development.

Environmental Awareness

Our refill stations have been been thoughtfully and carefully designed to minimise plastic in their manufacture. Adding to the necessity to reduce single-use plastic bottles, and changing the way Australia drinks water.

Rapid Refills

Designed for rapid refills, you’ll be in and out while your out and about.

Suitable for any Bottle

Our refill stations are suitable for almost every reusable bottle. Our stations were designed with the intention to be able to accommodate any bottle type.

Perfect Temperature

Each refill station chills the water to an optimal drinking temperature, giving the water that refreshing edge.

Cost Effective

Every Australian has purchased overpriced bottled water solely based on convenience. Chill provides the same convenience for a fraction of the cost, $1 per refill (500mls).